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Onsite (Non-Traveling)

$500 a day is the standard price for a contractor working on a filling line making observations and customer interactions. This equates to $62.50 an hour for reference and partial billing baseline for other charges such as travel and offsite work calculations.  $500 will be baseline pricing for onsite work. With projects that require a lot of pre-work, onsite cost may have to be evaluated to consider work done prior to visit in addition to site time

Onsite Booking

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Offsite (Traveling)

Offsite projects could include creating a quality manual for a client with a flat rate of $1500.  Fracture analysis would need to have a specific quote based on the nature of the problem, number of samples involved, and expectations of output by the client.  Fracture problems are too complex to sum up in a flat price structure.

*If you work for a conflicting company I may still be able to provide you with a referral. 
Offsite Booking

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