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Glass Guy LLC is a consultancy offering services regarding the use and manufacture of glass containers.  With 20 years of experience in glass container manufacturing, from the production floor to senior management in the quality area, I am in a unique spot to offer guidance and advice on a variety of industry related topics and industry norms.  With the increase in craft distilleries and other smaller and medium sized users of glass containers, they will have need of industry expert advice, without having the means to hire and retain their own internal expert.

From corkage questions to glass failures that are unexplained, these users of glass containers do not have the knowledge, size, or purchasing power to force their suppliers to heavily support them during a crisis.  Quality problems at small to medium sized users of glass containers does not only represent cost and loss of revenue, but potential catastrophic business disruption. Glass Guy LLC will be able to offer services to these customers so that their knowledge of problems with the glass containers and potential causes can give clients an advantage when working through supplier quality problems. These small to medium users of glass containers may also have need for written procedures and processes that relate to incoming glass container quality to their facility.

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